Gutierrez, Jr., et al. v. Amplify Energy Corporation, et al.,
Orange County Oil Spill Amplify Settlement

Key Dates

December 8, 2022 (Granted) Preliminary Approval Granted
December 16, 2022 (Submitted) Plaintiffs filed Proposed Plan of Distribution
January 10, 2023 Notice Issued to Settlement Classes
January 25, 2023 (Filed) Last day for Plaintiffs to file Motion for Final Approval of Settlement and Approval of Plans of Distribution, and for Interim Settlement Class Counsel to file Application for Fees and Expenses and for Service Awards
February 14, 2023 (postmarked/received) (Passed) Exclusion Deadline
February 14, 2023 (postmarked/received) (Passed) Objection Deadline
April 24, 2023 at 8:30 a.m., Pacific (Granted) Final Approval Hearing
U.S. District Court, Central District of California Southern Division
First Street Courthouse
350 West 1st Street, Courtroom 10A
Los Angeles, California 90012
June 9, 2023 (postmarked/submitted online) (Passed) Claim Form Deadline (if you are a RESTAURANT, RETAIL STORE, SURF SCHOOL, or BAIT AND TACKLE BUSINESS)

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